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GunBlood Cheats

Gunblood game is a very popular online flash game based on American western life. The game satisfactorily fully explains how difficult cowboys life was for it simulates cowboys. It is a blood shooter game testing fast reactions, response and accuracy. The main objective or mission in this amazing and wonderful game is to kill the opponent faster and quicker and become most dangerous shooter by defeating all other shooters in a gun to gun fight. Game comprises an enormous amount of new levels specifically nine levels which are full of very interesting missions. Within or between killings of opponents there are bonus tours or levels usually four in number which have to be passed after every third level for example bonus tour on shooting at the bottles and so on. The bonus missions are necessarily the best way of gaining shooting experience and additionally improving reaction and can earn player a lot of additional points and amassing huge high scores. Bonus levels are essential in advancing skills to tackle and play the main levels. Thats why everybody must try out this fabolous Western Shootout game.

The game is fun and exciting but at times player or gamer may experience difficulties in playing game, finishing or passing levels and proceeding to subsequent levels so as to achieve main goal in the game. If these difficulties arise the game at times becomes very boring due to sticking in one level without chance of advancing to next level or completing missions. To have a boost or an easy cruise in this game cheat codes come in handy. This is made easier for there is a Cheat Box on the screen of a selected character where any of the cheat codes can be typed. Gunblood Cheats are posted and readily found on our website for free. After acquiring the cheat codes launch the game and type the codes inside the Cheat Box, on the character selected screen to activate them. Some of the codes and their functions include.

GunBlood Cheats | Cheats For GunBlood : Type this codes into the CHEAT BOX and press continue.

( Provides unlimited ammunition. Ammo becomes infinite )
( Enhances fast shooting, making player the fastest shooter )
( Enhances accuracy and preciseness by giving a laser pointer to the characters gun )
<< NOHIT >>
( Enhances survival and unlimited life in the game by entering character in invisible mode )


There are also other level codes for every main level and bonus levels listed below.

<< LEVEL1 >> – Cheat code for Level One

<< LEVEL2 >> – Cheat code for Level Two

<< LEVEL3 >> – Cheat code for Level Three

<< LEVEL4 >> – Cheat code for Level Four

<< LEVEL5 >> – Cheat code for Level Five

<< LEVEL6 >> – Cheat code for Level Six

<< LEVEL7 >> – Cheat code for Level Seven

<< LEVEL8 >> – Cheat code for Level Eight

<< LEVEL9 >> – Cheat code for Level Nine

<< BONUS1 >> – Cheat code for Bonus One

<< BONUS2 >> – Cheat code for Bonus Two

<< BONUS3 >> – Cheat code for Bonus Three

<< BONUS4 >> – Cheat code for Bonus Four


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